Tanzil Aslam

Supply Chain Coach, Founder & Chief Executive, KnowledgeBeez Global Ltd

Tanzil Aslam, is a Supply Chain Coach and an accredited Lean Six Sigma Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in leading operations and supply chain management. He is a proven strong strategic planner, problem solver and effective team leader committed to engaging new avenues to empower teams to completely execute projects delivering results and supporting revenue generating objectives. He is an Instructor of General Assembly Global Instructor Pool (GA Malaysia) and Trainer for Level 7 Scottish Supply Chain PGD under IQN Global Network. Recently Tanzil has been featured in Encyclopedia Book of Successful People In Malaysia 3rd Edition, published by British Publishing House.
His regular virtual knowledge sharing session entitled Let Your Insight Out with Tanzil; in collaboration with global experts have helped over 2.5K professionals across the industries to get new hope of light during crisis.