BJ Radomski

Co-Founder, The Coach Training Academy, Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainer

Since 1998 Brian (BJ) Radomski has been helping businesses and individuals around the world create massive change. Executive master coach Brian (BJ) Radomski is a pioneer in the coaching industry with his first coach certification through Thomas Leonard’s school in 1996.

BJ is also a licensed trainer of Neuro-Semantics and is one of only 2,400 certified Meta-Coaches globally, one of only 90 Group & Team Coaches and one of 18 Certified Professional Meta-coaches (PCMC) certified by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.

In 2011, BJ co-founded The Coach Training Academy, a school that has certified coaches to ICF standards from around the world. With Steve Kiges, BJ co-authored  “Coaching – The Ultimate Career”.

Currently BJ offers individual coaching and Leadership Development workshops to executives in Europe, North America and Asia. Learn more at