Founder and Lead Trainer, Iqbal’s Learning Lab
9:00 - 11:00 PM Session-6

Barishal 24th July

Panel Discussion: Public Speaking and Communication

Moderator : 

Jan Robberts - Co-Founder, Ki Leadership Institute

Panelist : 

1.Mohammad Aman Ullah - Founder and Chief Organizer, English Olympiad

2. Sabirul Islam - Founder & Speaking Coach at Build Your Confidence on Stage

3.Serely Alcaraz - HR and Learning Advocate, Trainer and Mentor-Coach, Executive Director at ITD Consulting Group

4.Dr. Himdad Abdul-Qahhar Muhammad - CEO & Founder of MegaMind Plus Academy, Professor at Salahaddin University-Erbil-Kurdistan-Iraq

Partner: English Olympiad


05.00 - 05.45 PM Session-3

Rajshahi and Rangpur 22nd July

Communication Master class


1.Mohammad Aman Ullah -Founder and Chief Organizer at English Olympiad

Partner: English Olympiad & Society for Leadership Skills Development (SLSD)