Md. Sajjadur Rahman Bhuiyan

Group CFO, Bangladesh Finance Limited

Mr. Sajjadur Rahman Bhuiyan has about 14 years of experience in finance and Accounts, Internal Control & Compliance, Planning & Budgeting, and Risk Management in financial institutions. He joined Bangladesh Finance in 2007 and worked in various roles before taking the responsibility of Chief Financial Officer in 2015. He is also the Chief Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer (CAMLCO) of Bangladesh Finance. Before joining Bangladesh Finance, Mr. Bhuiyan worked with Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & Company (Chartered Accountants) as an Audit supervisor.

His essential expertise includes Financial Reporting and Financial Management, Strategic Planning and Forecasting, Financial & Business Analysis, Control & Compliance, Policy Development, etc.

Mr. Bhuiyan obtained his post-graduation degree in Accounting from Dhaka College. He is a registered Income Tax Practitioner and a member of the Dhaka Taxes Bar Association. He has vast experience in Financial Analysis, Internal Control & Compliance, Tax & VAT, Credit Risk Management, Asset Liability Management, AML/CFT, etc.