Mrs Mahmuda Chowdhury

Advisor: International Relations and Communications (former), International Federation of Red Cross and Bangladesh Red Crescent Societies

Mrs Mahmuda Chowdhury is a Canadian Bangladeshi National and has learnt the Art of living. She also knows that how to let go off things and move forward. She believes to focus on creating a new paradigm-shift in the capacity to learn new skills to strengthen our next generation to make it sustainable in this difficult world. 

Due to her husband’s Diplomatic career as an Ambassador/High    Commissioner, Mahmuda Chowdhury has had the privilege of travelling all over the world and got the opportunity to mix with the multi-national people. She also studied overseas and achieved the degrees/diploma in different disciplines from renowned universities there. Her professional career started in a diversified multi-national disciplines and had pursued her career journey in very renowned multi-national companies at home and abroad. In 2010, she had made very divergent changes in her professional line, switching from Diplomatic environment/activities to the corporate leadership one. 

Her very signature moves in her career shows that she is a multi-tasking personality with profound distinctions, who is always prepared to take any kind of challenges to give support and comfort to the mainstream people. Bellow is her intricate judgments and analytical distinctions, where she has been proven to be a born leader. 

9:00 - 11:00 PM Session-6

Barishal 24th July

Panel Discussion: Public Speaking and Communication

Moderator : 

Jan Robberts - Co-Founder, Ki Leadership Institute

Panelist : 

1.Mohammad Aman Ullah - Founder and Chief Organizer, English Olympiad

2. Sabirul Islam - Founder & Speaking Coach at Build Your Confidence on Stage

3.Serely Alcaraz - HR and Learning Advocate, Trainer and Mentor-Coach, Executive Director at ITD Consulting Group

4.Dr. Himdad Abdul-Qahhar Muhammad - CEO & Founder of MegaMind Plus Academy, Professor at Salahaddin University-Erbil-Kurdistan-Iraq

Partner: English Olympiad